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hahahah this is epic!!! Gotta catch this episode xD Here is an article from enews. It is often said that Shinhwa is a pretty old idol group, but after this, you won′t be able to say that ever again. The producers of tvN′s Saturday Night Live Korea (SNL Korea) revealed on May 2 a cut from the pre-recorded VCR for the upcoming Shinhwa episode. In the new photos, Shin Hye Sung is shown in a dress, made up to look like an old lady, while Eric and Lee Min Woo are also dressed up to look like old men in traditional attire and the latest old man styles. The producers of SNL Korea said, "It′s a scene from the ′Idol Retirement Insurance′ sketch, put together to fit Shinhwa′s long-running image. SNL Korea′s satire, parodies and humor will meet with Shinhwa′s experience in showbiz and seasoned wit to make the best comedy show ever." In the meantime, SNL Korea′s Facebook page announced that if it gets over 150,000 likes, it will reveal a new photo. The Shinhwa episode of SNL Korea will air on May 4.
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it like when they are old and one turn in to a crossdresser