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These are ranking videos I found. These are based upon a fans opinion. I don't think there is any actual data used. These are not my opinions. Please don't get emotional and began ranting about the rankings. Like I said this is someone's opinion.




I think EUA means USA.



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Namjoon, Hoseok, and Yoongi can sing. They do frequently we just don't tend to notice lol. I made a post recently about Namjoon and I'll be making one of the other two shortly. Hobi actually has a beautiful singing voice (one of my favorites in BTS actually, it's so soothing) and Yoongi (in concerts and on CD) sings back ups in a low register. Let me know is a notable one and he also sings in hurts parts on For You and Butterfly and he certainly isn't tone deaf. I hope to hear more singing from rap line this year~
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@torchix none one said that they could not sing. Those just were ranked lower than the others
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@amobigbang no I know but the examples were crap lol
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@torchix I agree lol. In some videos I was like how did that get that!
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no hate but whoever made the videos never listened to namjoonie cover fools with kookie.
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