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I call Ciel and Lizzie's relationship second because he is so much closer to Sebastian, and I thin every will agree that we would like to see them get closer. but Ciel and Lizzy have that long time friend love. where your great friends as kids, thank you become teens and it's awkward because only one of them has deeper feelings, thank they become adults and most of the time (I would like to believe) they both fall in love with each other. it's a sweet young love. I just feel it should be recognized.
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totally agree with u on whole otp for ciel and Lizzy. personal I don't like Lizzy cause she just tad bit annory when comes to her high pitched voice. but there is at one point in begin ciel said he didn't want to married her,it almost like he knew something, cause episode later on when Lizzy got kidnapped by can remember the creep doll maker puppet. that he was swore to protection for Elizabeth. so see the point there I think he ponly see her as a cousin, not saying that you can ship them. I just think that she more you know sister type then a wife. cause she seem act more sister protect to ciel.
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ncm it own ship go ahead ship it 😊
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