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Do you agree with the idea that candles are not important after thirty, but the cake is?
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this is a chocolate cake!?!?!?!?!? it looks lik perfection LOL
5 years ago·Reply
IKR @kristenadams and @miranpark88 ... although where can I find this perfection at??? LOL
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@relinashinee i guess that we're just gunna have to do it our selves NOM i would just go at that cake..
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(●♡∀♡) I am in love with this cake. In love, I tell you! Also, yes. I'm 31 and I'm telling you that candles don't matter. We put just one, because it's pretty, but meh for the rest.
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yes, candles get in the way of our love, (more like eating it)... ahhh well
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