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A little someone has an obsession with a little something....
That right Ji's got a bit of an obsession with this little yellow friend♡♡
His caption for this photo didn't really help either: "Spongie" There's rice there too because in Korean rice is "Bob/Bap" so....."Spongbob" ■□■□■□■□■□■□■□■□■□■□■□■□■□■ I cringe to GD, but I laughed so its okay XD
but this little yellow friend is surpassing everyone in terms of relationship
Theyre always supporting eachother♡♡
SpongeBob even went to his birthday ♡♡
They have sleepovers together
SpongeBob has even become GD's muse ♡♡
SpongeBob even carrying his stuff for him like a true gentleman
So they go everywhere together♡♡
Sorry ladies but ...
But Ji...
is Bob's
This is officially the best ship ever and I died at his caption he's such a loser😂😂 next he's gonna put the poor cat in a spongebob costume
Okay, if I show up in my spongebob pjs, with my spongebob pillow... is there a chance senpai will notice me?
No.... we r losing Ji over yellowBob?!!!...No... I can't... take this....
@JiyongLeo I have SpongeBob slippers and blankets ..... please take me with you to senpai♡♡ .....please notice us senpai♡♡
@KwonOfAKind lets go to senpaaaiii!!!
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