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Hey guys! This is chapter 1 hope you like it lol. Comment if you want to get tagged on the next one and tell me what you think abiut my story? lol. good night, will post chap 2 tomorrow! - - - B.I's POV It's 4:30 in the morning and I have to wake the members up so that we can start training. We really want to debut so bad, only 30-40 days and we can debut. I have the biggest responsibility of the group so that means I have to wake them up. "Bobby, Jinhwan Wake up!" "Chanwoo, Yunhyeong Wake up!" "Junhoe, Donghyuk Wake up! It's time for training!"We finished preparing. So we went to the YG training center and started training. So that we can debut earlier than 30-40 days we practice 12-14 hours a day. When I told them that I was going to the comfortroom for awhile and walked outside. I saw this very beautiful girl. So I greeted "Hello!" And did a 15 degree bow. She also greeted me back. "Hello!" And did a 30 degree bow. Omo! I just heard her beautiful voice!!! She's just so bautiful and she has a very beautiful voice. I wonder what's her name? I think I actually like her.                       Jisoo's POV I was just walking in the hallway to go to my studio.....Wait... before I continue let me introduce myself. Hi! I'm Kim Jisoo. You can call me Jisoo. I'm a YG trainee and I'm the visual of the upcoming new YG girl group. Ok! So let me continue my story. I was just walking on the hallway to go to my studio to start training. While I was walking I met this handsome, manly, muscular man on the hallway. We greeted each other and he did a 15 degree bow and I did a 30 degree bow. As I continued walking I can't stop thinking about him. The type of guy I like is: 1. Handsome 2. Manly 3. Muscular He's just the type of guy who I just love. Wait.... am I saying that I like him?????                         B.I.'s POV I finished going to the comfortroom and I went inside the studio and yelled "Ok! Guys let's continue practicing!" They went to their formation and I started the music and they started dancing.When we continued training, I kept on thinking about her. I tried to stop but it's not working so I said to myself.' Kim Hanbin you have to remember that there's a NO GIRLFRIEND POLICY in your contract. I smacked my head kind of hard using my palm to make me forget about her."Hyung, we finished the dance already!" "Oh! Really? Sorry I just thought of something." I remembered something, I have to let someone pass because this is like a quiz. So I said "Jinhwan, you pass stay here!" "Yess!!" He answered. "Ok! Go back to your formations and I'll start the same song!" I played the same song and they started dancing. I played the same song and they started dancing. I paused into the middle of the song and said "Donghyuk! You pass." I actually got so pissed off and shouted. "Yah! We're not gonna end this if you don't execute the steps well! So please.... please execute the steps well!"
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