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Hello guys! So, there’s a site-wide event going on and it’s super awesome.
@InVinsybll is the Japanese Anime moderator, and he came up with a really cool idea to make something out of January since there isn’t a real identity for the month.

When Is It?

The event runs for one week between Jan 17th - Jan 22nd.

What Is Jump-Ahead January [JJ]?

We’ll be using this week to look forward anything coming up for 2016 that may be Latino related. This can include movies, music, events, award shows, and holidays. It will be daily themes!

So, What’s Next?

You can write cards on anything you are excited about for 2016. Feel free (and encouraged to write cards!)
We can do daily themes for the week. Please let me know if you have any ideas! Or we don’t have to have rigid themes, and just create cards about things we are excited for in 2016.

LET ME KNOW WHAT YOU THINK!!! Please message me! :)

Mack daddy make ya, jump. Jump. Chris cross will make ya. Jump Jump.
UMMMMMMMM pls tell me what to look forward to in 2016 for Oscar Isaac. I loved him in Star Wars, and I had no idea he was from Guatemala until Gina Rodriguez shouted him out on Twitter after the Golden Globes. BAEEEE.
I could not help it 😂😂😂