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OMG JaeBum..

It might sound weird but I had never before seen all of JB piercing on ...just the earigs.. Today I saw a picture of all full Pierced JaeBum. .and I just went gigedishgnsbhxnfnndamn..lolol. . remember that fan art I posted long ago.. that's was the only one but I never saw his real lips piercings. .Oh My Gaaaad. swxy!!!! I can't even spell sexy right..hahaa..

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I think he saw that fan art and decided to make the fan girls crazy.. although he really would look so good with tattoos and snake bites
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holy shit..I am dying screaming..and crying. GOD ITS ALL YOUR FAULT JB
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@PrettieeEmm I yeah totally @KaeliShearer ..I know right? haha
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JB fully pierced is trying to wreak my bias list
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are these real piercings? I feel like it hurts but oh boy he's hot
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