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Hello Nakama!

Welcome to Week One of Super Sunday!
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What is Super Sunday, You Ask?

I'm glad you did.
Super Sunday is a celebration of the most powerful in anime.
Powerful enemies, Fierce battles and mind blowing story arcs/sagas.
Every week I'll ask a question to start a conversation. Join in, in the conversation by making your own card or leaving a comment.
There will also be VS battles from time to time putting the most powerful opponents against each other.
Let's get started, shall we?

Super Saiyans!

For week one of Super Sunday I figured we'd start out Super!
So here are my questions to you:
Who is your favorite Super Saiyan?
What is your favorite Super Saiyan form?
Who's transformation is your favorite?
This Card is already long so I'll keep this short. Doesn't mean you have to!
Favorite Super Saiyan: Vegeta! The prince of all Sayians, naturally. What I love about Vegeta is his shear determination. His will of fire is unprecedented, he lives to be the strongest. He nearly killed himself trying to obtain such power and when he finally reached it, it was truly epic!
Favorite Super Saiyan Form: Super Saiyan 3! The long hair that signifies the ultimate power (unlike another character who will not be mentioned in this card but maybe a different card). This form signifies a Saiyan's true strength; it takes a lot of power and a long time to truly perfect it. It's also a little creepy as it takes away the eyebrows.
Favorite Transformation: Goku's Super Saiyan 3! Continuing from my favorite Super Sayian form, Goku's Super Saiyan 3 transformation is just epic. When I saw this as a kid my mind was blown! Goku floating there screaming his lungs out with the epic music playing in the background. This transformation is also a little creepy as it takes away the eyebrows.

So there you have it!

Super Sunday week one, tell me what you think!
Don't forget to make a card or leave a comment to answer the questions.
Thanks for reading and have a great day!
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@kawaiiporpoise no worries but you should really get to watching it
I am a fan of Gohan. I liked the fusion form Vegito . Favorite transformation was Goku's first.
@XavierLopez awesome pics! Vegito is really sweet, didn't expect anyone to pick him.
fav super saiyan is goten fav is ssj2 and fav transformation is Gohan going ssj2 in bojack unbound
Gohan, Ultimate Super Saiyan, Gohan vs. Buu.