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Hiya, Vinglers! tbell2 here! X)

So I think at some point in our anime craze we cant help but catch the feels for a character or feel those emotions they feel. It's the inevitable. We at some point relate to the characters and understand why they are upset or why they fell in love and cant help but root for them because I think deep down many of us wish we were in their position and fall madly in love. X3 Or sometimes learn from their mistakes and find ways to protect ourselves from hurt. Here are some great love lessons from some of my favorite romance and slice of life animes *tears be rollin'* So viewers know, I am writing some important lessons that I have learned and those that speak to me. There are sooo many more out there than what I lay down. It's essential to know that right now I'm speaking from the heart and be prepared to tear up a little.
Love can be very beautiful and precious. Finding someone to share it with makes it all the better but keeping that person in your life as a significant other is where the difficultly lies. From personal experience, when I fall in love, I fall in love HARD, and I have a really difficult time fixing my broken heart. It's tough finding love and finding that one to love. Its not easy that's for. Like Tachibana, I'm hard to love because I am so scared to fall in love. I try to keep a deep lock on my heart, and of course that doesn't work. When we are left broken, there many scars that represent past pain and sadness or mistakes that lead to heartbreak. And all we want to do is protect those we love and truly care about even if that means we leave their lives forever. The things we do for our one true love are crazy. We will do anything for those we love. And as much as we want to protect others we also gotta remember to protect ourselves once in a while. A lot of times I forget that and I get hurt, but if means protecting someone else--I don't care. As long as they are happy.
Like Yona, I have loved and when my ex left me and as much as I want to hate him, I can't... I didnt want the relationship to end and now about a year later I still really truly care about him and my heart still skips a beat for him. Love for someone cant just be forgotten as much as we want it to sometimes. The pain and saddness doesn't go away so easily. It remains but its your decision to try break free from the hurt and emotions. I am not saying that it's easy. NO, trust me it isnt easy. Take it one day at a time. I cant tell you how to get over someone because I think that process is different for everyone. But some things that I found helpful is writing it out, in a journal no one will ever see. Somtimes writing out your thoughts to organize them and help to forget them. Talking about it. As much as that can hurt but finding someone you really trust and who is a great listener can be there to give you support. Sometimes venting can just help to get your emotions out and what you are thinking. And the unthinkable: Maybe when you think you are ready... try dating again. That can be hard but remember:

Don't let past relationships ruin your future happiness. Scars show us where we have been, not where we are going.

Yes!!! This reigns true whenever you truly care and love about someone! A relationship is not bout yourself, but rather about you and your partner. Its all about compromise. But when it comes to loving a significant other I always care more about their happiness, priorities, burdens, and problems than my own. Like Yamato, I would anything and everything for my partner like him and Mei. Even if that means letting them go. They are the only one I see romantically and are my number one priority. I put so much into a relationship but that has to go both ways and its upsetting when the other person doesn't. That's how this can be a double edged sword... its my best quality but at the same time, being someones anchor only leave you drowning sometimes. As I said earlier, it is wonderful to be there for someone and to see them happy above anything else but remember that your happiness is important too. Deep down that's the most important thing. So fight for the ones you love! Dont let them give up on you! Once you find someone who love you and gives 110% to the relationship like you, dont let go of them! And I truly believe that we will all find that one person who we can be truly haopy with. XD <3
Commitment and never giving up are two things that should never be broken! Don't give up! If you truly want to be with someone, dont give up on them. Keep showing them that you will always be there for them and prove to them that you are genuine! Random acts of kindness and love can be ways to remind your crush or love that you still love them. Like Usui, be that person who someone can rely on and know that no matter what you are there for them for love and support!
Thanks for reading guys! I hope this card helps through your love life. (: Anime teaches us many lessons and its our job to catch them and put them to action! Comment your favorite love lessons you learned from an anime! Tagging Nakama: @InVinsybll @VoidX @Danse @hikaymm @TylerDurso @MadAndrea @Kirik @punksjunk @nberry1620 @Silverfang @NikolasSatterwh @JadaDiemand @AdamDean @ZeltzinCorona @reaper412 @ReinShirai @TreverMoon @TaylorKoby @tayhar18920 @ShinigamiSan @dragonlover1852
I think we must be very similar in love haha! This line especially made me think: " I put so much into a relationship but that has to go both ways and its upsetting when the other person doesn't. That's how this can be a double edged sword... its my best quality but at the same time, being someones anchor only leave you drowning sometimes. " It's something my friends have told me I do that's good but dangerous for myself in the long run haha...trying to work on it & only do that when it's really truly worth it!
Very beautiful lessons that everyone needs to learn. The most important thing I've learned is that you should always think about your significant others feelings over your own and you should never put your own happiness above theirs. You always have to do your best to make them happy and lift them up and always be there for them. No matter how big of a fight you have you never give up on them and accept all their flaws and imperfections and despite all those you should love them deeply.
@hikaymm yesssss true true!! Its rough but once you fubd someone whose worth it makes it all better XD
@NikolasSatterwh hehe telepathy. we are on the same wavelength :3
@tbell2 you always seem to be inside my mind somehow because you express exactly what I think lol
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