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This thing is still going and going strong. I can't believe that Forbes. Com, yes that Forbes threw it's thoughts in the mix and it appears that they are siding with the whiny one. However, they are looking at it from the money prospective. When movies are rated PG 13 they tend to drawn in more parents with children because of the appeal and the movie and the all over PG 13 thing. Now if you have noticed plenty of "horror" movies have fell in the same fate bracket. Tisk Tisk Tisk.. Horror movies are meant to scare you the adult, not to bring your 8 year old kid to see, but allow every parent make their own choice for their children. Not the masses.
@DustinAtkinson went to an Rated R movie and they decided to show the Green Band trailer for Deadpool, which is unusual for a rated R movie. We already know, from post I have written in the past that the Deadpool's film was done in under 42 days. So technically the movie has been completed, early to mid last year. They keep questioning if Deadpool's rating of R would hurt the fan base. In my opinion no it would not hurt, adult fans of comic books have been waiting for something they can sink their teeth in and now we got it.
The Internet and Deadpool, well the mother who stired the pot ended up getting Deadpool "real fans" very angry. So there have been a ton of tweets (that I can't post lol), people coming up with things on Change.Org to keep the movie Rated R and not even give a PG 13 release and of course the pure hatred for a person using their child to get what they want. (see I knew that was going to be a thing) So, in summary as I follow this brewing story, the more people who agree with the woman there are twice as many that hate her idea in so many ways. I think the best quote I saw was on Fb out of all places, "stand up for human rights, not the rights of an 8 year to see a movie character" And of course I like the "stop your f**king crying" Still reporting Hexed Vixen
Okay this is getting serious now............... Bring the WHOLE DEADPOOL CORP We are taking this annoying lady OUT!!!! @LAVONYORK And we are going to go rates R on her 😆 LOL
I am just so surprised how many different media outlets are reporting on this! And most of it focuses on the 8 year old child. Which I feel horrible for. There is no reason to include your child in YOUR agenda.
The thing is it's so close to its official release date that to change the rating would most likely turn most people off for wanting to see a movie they thought was going to be rated R that got changed to being a pg-13 movie
@LAVONYORK yuuup. That's what's pissing me off most, too. >.< Grrrr.
@hhead232 omg I didn't realize that that's funny . He's becoming one with the earth.
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