I think I am officially so far deep in to the Korean entertainment industry that there is no escape for me.
It's gotten to the point that i don't even just listen to kpop anymore . I've been dabbling off into krock, K-inde, K-hiphop. I even started getting obsessed with watching clips of plays and play ost. It's like I want to know more but its bad enough my friends get annoyed/ tease me about knowing any and everything about Korean entertainment. ( except kdramas, im really bad at remembering actors ) I try to explain to them I've been a fan for 10+ years so it just comes naturally but they just look at me like ( especially of i play a really old kpop songs from like Boa. Hyori, DBSK , H.O.T, Se7en , and rain) they just don't understand i feel like an ahjumma around them when I try to play old songs :
Anyways who loves Junsu and Se7en ? I do and i am officially obsessed with this smashup of them singer the Shadows grow longer.
Who do you think did better as TOD/death in Elizabeth? Personally,though I never got the chance to watch the full play of Elizabeth I am absolutely in love with this song in particular. As of who was the best I feel they both gave different colors of the character Tod/death . They both give off sex appeal and fear into the audience. Junsu gives the character more of a human feel with the strong emotion he gives off in each song, his movements give off the sex appeal even the small little things he do it makes you squeal or be scared. Se7en gives me more of a immortal character: very calm but basically drips sex in his vocals, and more like those mysterious anime characters that is dangerous.His vocal somewhat remind me of a jrock singer also. Even though they are both my first loves and Se7en is my first kpop crush I have to say that the way Junsu made the character his own made me like him more than Se7en . I feel like Se7en is more fit for Dracula or something along the lines of a vampire.
@sashalove I understand. I could recommend a drama, but then you'll love it, then you'll watch the other stuff these people did, then start to love more people. Then you'll start buying OST's because you'll start to love more groups... it will never STOP.
School 2013 and I heard Pinocchio was good.
Scent of a Woman and I do, I do were good.
Kim Sun Ah has really good dramas and has really great chemistry with her costars. Junsu has a cameo in Scent of a Woman.
U should also see a classic like Winter Sonata which started the whole Hallyu thing and the other season dramas - Summer Scent, Spring Waltz, and Autumn Tale.
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