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Hey y'all! I am starting to feel like I'm getting sick and it's no goodies! I need to keep on recording music with my sister but I can't do vocals for a while if I get any worse! Does anyone have any homemade remedies to help my body feel better? It would help me a whole ton! If you know anyone that has weird little remedies, please tag them!! Thank you!! @thepinkprincess @alywoah @nicolejb @shannonl5 @kpopandkimchi
YES! I'm a singer too! I second what @shannonl5 said about the hot water with lemon and honey. I know other singers like to gargle salt water. But my fav-- peppermint tea!! And just keep drinking fluids :D feel better!!
Thank you!@shannonl5
I think the best thing you can do is let your voice rest so you don't end up damaging it. I've found that hot water with lemon and honey can be really soothing but there's nothing like a full night's sleep to help your body repair itself
@felicityautumn haha not really! When I make soups, I just put everything together, add some seasoning, and a ton of cayenne pepper to bring on the heat!!!
Thank you! @AlloBaber
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