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Silent like a ghost, no sounds were made, not even our heavy breaths could be heard from here. His movements were strong and many things were being tossed around and glass braking. Her tears were falling on my shoulder as we were very close to each other praying that nothing happens to us. I was mostly praying for her.
Then, nothing. We could no longer hear him.
*BANG!!!* he started slamming the basement door and Soo Yi started to scream. We moved away from the door to a corner. He smiled and walked close to us. I moved in front to stop him from hurting her but he slapped me to the ground and stared hitting her. Blood quickly fell from her face and hands. I got up even though my legs were hurting and grabbed a gun and then.... he fell. Soo Yi stayed quietly crying, not because he was dead, but because she was finally free from his abuse.
It has been 2 years. I haven't heard from Soo Yi. Even though she thanked me for saving her life, she left without a word or a notice. Ms. Flowers had also left but at least she told me about it instead of leaving me in the dark. In the end, I was left alone...as always.
I moved away from my previous home and to a place more quiet and peaceful. It was a big beach house and suited my style of "Relaxation". Still, nothing feels the different. Every morning I wake up, eat whatever I have to eat and watch TV. But non fill my boredom. I walk around the house but it all doesn't surprise me anymore.
2 years it has been and yet nothing has changed.
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