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♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡ Hello my lovely Followers im sorry i havent had the time to post anything. personal events that have been part of my daily life please understand i will try my best to update i also find it uncomfortable to write smut and I think its not appropriate for some of our viewrs that are under age and it just doesnt feel right please understand ! i hope you like it comment down below if i messed up on some of the pictures or on the story make me know ! please enjoy i made it extra fluffy!!! ♡ for amm my fluffy and cute lovers heres for you!!! ♡ ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡
It’s 9 in the morning and you wake up with a blinking notification of your boyfriend you open up your eyes and see your phone on your face, you immediately sigh and grab your phone . You see a notification of Chen. He sends the most adorable snap ever and it just makes your morning ! Followed with a text that says “Good Morning my beautiful Agi ♡” you text him back half asleep with “yaaah!””you woke me up oppa”.. He suddenly reply’s back with a snap “I miss you!” . You giggle and send him back a video snap of you in bed all cute. He reply’s back with a text “ aish, why is my Agi so beautiful?”. Your cheeks start to get red and you say to yourself “how can I blush this easily..”.
You have talked for an hour on the phone, he mentioned about the plans he had for today and also shared his schedule for the next upcoming days. Inmediently you said “I like my man to be hardworking like you oppa”. Chen reply’s with “of course, if I want to make my Agi the happiest girl in the world ill do whatever it takes to just see a smile on that beautiful face of yours “. Yelling back “yaah!” you blush uncontrollably while trying to say something you stutter “w-why “ you don’t get a chance to finish your sentence when he says “aigooo kyopta”. You feel a hot rush on your face, you touch your ears and they’re burning hot. He laughs at you and says “why is my Agi blushing im not even in front of you” you stay quiet and don’t say anything back, you hear him say “alright beautiful ill talk to you later love you and miss you !” he sends you lots of pecks threw the phone. “annyong” once again you blush and send him back little pecks along with a “bye I love you too !” and then you hang up. Some time passes by and he sends you a snap of him saying “take care of yourself while im gone”. You send him a txt back saying “yes I will ♡” he reply’s back “ ill be home soon, cant wait!”. You sadly frown and stare on to the picture frame you had of him and you on your desk.
Bing your phone rings hoping it would be your boyfriend. You stumble across your room to reach for your phone. A picture its all you see of him with one of the hyungs inside the airplane. Automatically you giggle, his day just started since the plane is about to take off you tried your best to send him back a txt wishing him luck when he sends you another snap of him saying “wish me luck!” you sent him the text but he didn’t reply back. The plane was no longer in land ”he turned off his phone” you said . After he arrived he had forgotten to turn on his cellphone, you were pretty worried walking impatiently on the same spot for an hour. When you receive a text “I arrived safe! Don’t worry about me love you ♡” you reply back “oh god, I was so worried, im glad you arrived safe ♡”. He didn’t answer back you assumed that he was getting to his first part of work. An hour passes and he starts sending you snaps of him and what his doing just to make sure you don’t worry about him too much since you love him too much. You laugh at some of the snaps he sends you during the day, you just love the fact that he has fun doing the thing he loves being an artist and to know that he is yours you say to your self “best thing I’ve ever had in my whole entire life, he completes me “
You don’t answer and respect his working hours, after some hours he sends you a txt saying “lonely without you .. “ you reply with “yes indeed… ♡ “. Bing you see a new notification of a picture of him saying “did you know that I ♡ you?” you just stare at his face and say out loud “yes I knew that and I love you too oppaa! “ you reply back with the cutest snap ever puckering your lips “yes, I love you too”. Little details like these during the day made you fall in love more with him. Chen reply’s shyly “aigo cute ♡” he loves when you send him selcas like that you make him blush. The fact that you make him blush he becomes more shy, and leave him speechless. You start to tease him with why is my oppa so cute when he blushes, you giggle and keep teasing him. Remembering what he di to you in the morning trying to take revenge. He doesn’t answer back some minutes pass and he answers back with “I bet you miss me (; “ you stare blankly at your phone asking yourself “why is there a wink face” you reply back and send him back a winked face “ yes, I do miss you and a lot (;”
He doesn’t answer back. You decided to go grocery shopping since you had nothing inside your fridge. You didn’t answer your phone, running all over the store buying vegetable’s, fruit, dairy, rice and so. Occasionally you where running all over the city buying things you had run out off. You get inside your car and suddenly say “my phone! Gah! Where’s my phone don’t tell me I lost it “ patting your pockets with your hands trying your best to find your phone you try to reach with one of your hand for your coat that was on the back seat you search for it and you say “oh my god here it is I thought I lost you baby” you see flashing lights on your phone and say “ommo ommo” you see a lot of texts of Chen “ommo anni “ “anniiii” you scream you grab your keys and nervously put the keys in. You look outside with a worried face you saw that chen had sent you lots of texts and snaps of him telling you that he was done with work and pictures of him on the plane saying that he had some hours left for him to see you. Immediately you look at the clock you scream “ommmo anniii anianiani “its really late you step on the speed pedal screaming at everyone that’s going slow “ yaaah!!!! Moveee idiot!” “who gave you your license asshole!” “omoo what are you doing’” “did you really do that? , cutting me... out of no where ?” You finally arrive at home you get out of the car slam the door you look at your watch and say to yourself will I be able to do food he will be hungry !! You desperately open the back seat door and grab all the groceries when suddenly, you feel a sweet touch a touch that you only know the feeling of his hand was a soft touch. While he grabbed your hand he said “are you ok Agi ? “ that sweetest voice you knew who it was. You blinked and opened up your eyes while you turned your head to look at him with a shocked face. He has the sweetest smile you immediately knew it was your oppa. You scream out of happiness you let go of the grocery bags and hug him. He lifts you up and starts to twirl with you as he giggles he stops and gives you pecks on your lips. He hugs you in the middle of the street at night and says to you in the ear “ im home Agi I’ve missed you so much” you jump on to him hugging him with your legs he laughs and closes the door of the car and you say to him but the groceries he gently puts his finger on your lips while he leans into you slowly and seals your lips with a kiss. He starts to run towards the entrance of your house. He puts you down and opens the door, and you go inside while grabbing his hand you pull him inside the house and close the door. You push him slowly on the door and give him little kisses on his forehead and you say to him “I love you and I’ve missed you more “ he suddenly starts arguing with you that he loves you more than you love him more .. he forcibly picks you up you laugh and he says " I win Agi you loose" he gives you a huge kiss on your lips ♡
lol i know how you feel @KaeliShearer and thank you for understanding @ReynadeKpop ♡ lol yes i have chaniie bear as one of my background on my phone and someone asked me who was it i was like umm someone then your boyfriend im like yes he is lol 😂😂😂 @KeziahWright i went with the flow ....
@bbyitskatie go with the flow.......😂😂😂😂😂😂
@KaeliShearer yass girl it's that little bit of happiness that I can have and because I have the "your handsome bf misses you" shit on there and I'm like bruh 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
@KeziahWright 😂😂😂 OMG the end of this comment made my day I cant stop laughing. I have so many pictures of Bobby so i am gonna say that if someone asked me that question 😂
girl don't worry and I only took the ones with chanyoel 😂😂😂😂😂 sorry Chen I love you but o have channie on my phone and legit if someone ask me of he's my boyfriend imma just go with it 😂😂😂
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