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1. Ji with his signature ear piece. Thanks to YG for the pix.
2. Live version of If You performed in Malaysia from their Tour Report.
3. Taeyang in braids.
4. All 5 members in a car from the My Heaven MV.
5. T.O.P in a face mask. Pic 2 BONUS - with Daesung in a mask!
6. MV with Hana Dul Set - I chose Taeyang's Ringa Linga.
7. Daesung on Stage.
8. Zutter MV screen shot.
9. Pic of merchandise and why.
Pic 1 is their MADE in Seoul on DVD. It was a special limited edition that includes everything from Seoul as well as all of the tour reports. It also includes a clear file set, mouse pad, calendar and what not. For some reason, it's a Japanese version but I want it anyway. Unless you bought it the day it became available, it is now gone.
Pic 2 is Daesung. Does he count as BIGBANG merchandise? Yes and No. In any case, I want him. HAHA.
10. Seungri DJ-ing.
11. Pic of Bias and 2 reasons why he is my Bias.
Daesung is my Bias because he has the best voice and he is the funniest, not to mention cute as hell. It takes a lot to make me laugh and he does it so effortlessly. I love him for that. Many will disagree with me on the voice, but have you really listened to him? Pic 1 is a collage I made on my phone to make a good lock screen and Pic 2 is from the Shut Up MV.
12. BigBang Sleeping.
Pic 1 is for I think Jiyongleo who said they liked fan art?
2. Tagging 2 others - @jiyongixoxo @terratoyasi
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Great job. I adore that fan art. Too cute.