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One day, your walking home and you see Big Hit entertainment so you decide to stop by. About 5 minutes later your at your destination and you walk in seeing J-Hope practicing their choreography for Run because of an award show. J-Hope turns around and sees you staring at him in amazement. "Aww Hoseok oppa! your a really good dancer!" you said. He replied " pssh Im not". "Can you teach me?". "Sure why not?" He says as he grabs your hand to move you into postion. You guys have been practicing for over an hour. " Ahhh your getting the hang of it (Y/N)" "Thanks Hobi for teaching me and I would love to stay longer but I really gotta go home now its almost 9:00." Hoseok replies " Alright, I'll walk you home" just after he says that he picks up playfully bridal style and starts walking you. As soon as you see your house he sets you down and looks at you in your eyes. "Your eyes sparkle in the moonlight, you look beautiful". He hugs you tightly before leaving. J Hope smiles at you as you enter the house. "Aisshhh its cold." He walks away thinking about your sparkling eyes and your beautiful face.
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