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You read it right SPN Family! Mark Pedowitz, the CW President, told Marisa Roffman of TV Insider: "I can't tell you if [the not-yet-ordered] season 12 is the end, I can't tell you if season 15 is the end. I can't tell you it won't outlast my tenure at The CW. My guess is, it will outlast me."
Alright, so the ending of the show, both story and network wise, is still unclear, however, Supernatural is the network's longest running scripted series! In fact, very few shows make it to ten seasons...or beyond like Doctor Who!!
As a matter of fact, few shows manage to keep all or most of their original cast members intact. So, what does that tell you?
I'll tell you!! Through Mr. Pedowitz: "...if they can keep telling stories and the numbers keep holding and the guys want to do it..." THE SHOW WILL GO ON...for as long as they can keep it going of course ( ^ω^)
So let's rejoice! Because, eventually, when the time does come to end the series, the CW President plans to let Team Supernatural call the shots. And only Chuck knows when that is (see how I snuck that in) ;p
In case you don't believe me, check out my source: (Pictures came from bing images, google images, Amino Supernatural app, Supernatural app, and @LAVONYORK @InVinsybll
let's just hope they don't lose the original feel of the show. I know there's alot off things they could go with but thus scares me
I think the cast definitely loves the series- I do hope their careers continue to grow but it would be awesome if that could happen AND the show could keep them
Booyah xD
I dig this! If it is not broken don't get rid of it!
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