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Happy Birthday, Aaliyah.
Yesterday, (January 16) the late beautiful singer would have turned 37 years old. Although her untimely death was during the peak of her music and acting career, the songstress left an incredible mark on the lives of her massive fan base across the world.
At just 22, the Grammy-nominated singer tragically died in an airplane crash along with several others while returning home from the Bahamas after shooting her last video, “Rock The Boat.”
August 25th, 2001 was a tragic day for many of us as we lost the talented musician, but her legacy lives on. I decided to celebrate her birthday by sharing my favorite Aaliyah music videos of all-time.
1.”Rock The Boat”
2. “More Than A Woman”
3. ”Try Again”
4. “One In A Million”
5.“Are You That Somebody”

What is your favorite Aaliyah music video of all time?

Always loved the song "try again" Aaliyah and Timbaland made amazing music together
Thanks for this card! Ahh nostalgia!!
bday baby girl
what a beautiful tribute!
happy birthday we miss you
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