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I'm so sorry for my language but this girl has overstepped her boundaries. I really hate it when people feel the need to comment negative things on others comments. This girl who's account name was Park Chanyeol on YouTube just killed my vibe. Here's what she said.
I just innocently posted a comment on the L.A. version of Boy In Luv that BTS made on American Hustle Life. And then BOOM!! This girl just has to come over here and say this stuff!!!
So then, it got out of hand and I had to step in! Then she had the audacity to call me RACIST!!! For pointing out a small grammar mistake she made. WHAT WAS WITH ALL THE MEAN THINGS SHE WAS SAYING TO ME? I didn't say anything to disrespect her race in any way. I was saying everything I typed specifically to her and her 'so called, fellow annoyed with International fans' friends!!!! Point out if I came across as racist in any way. Please. Because I'm confused!
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Dear me. I can't stand ppl like this on Google+ ... *sigh*
It's just one of those people who live for drama. Their life is probably so boring that they have nothing better to do then to troll for drama. The Internet is the perfect place to indulge. Especially YouTube, it seems like everyone is ready to fight on YouTube.
OK but I'm black and short like a lot of black girls here in VB. and they said ideal type. not their only type. I have an ideal type that the person has to be at my maturity level, which is pretty low depending on the situation. not every guy and girl I have ever dated has fit it. just cause they say that it's their ideal type, doesn't mean that they don't have a chance of dating someone outside of it or with at least one part of it. like, I say I want a guy/girl that can match my maturity, is the same age or older, can cook, will workout with me as inspiration, kind, smart, tall, loyal, etc. no person I have ever dated has EVER EVER EVER matched it 200%
BTW, what does grammar have to do with race?
All I really got from that person was them being really antiblack tbh.