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I'm so sorry for my language but this girl has overstepped her boundaries. I really hate it when people feel the need to comment negative things on others comments. This girl who's account name was Park Chanyeol on YouTube just killed my vibe. Here's what she said.
I just innocently posted a comment on the L.A. version of Boy In Luv that BTS made on American Hustle Life. And then BOOM!! This girl just has to come over here and say this stuff!!!
So then, it got out of hand and I had to step in! Then she had the audacity to call me RACIST!!! For pointing out a small grammar mistake she made. WHAT WAS WITH ALL THE MEAN THINGS SHE WAS SAYING TO ME? I didn't say anything to disrespect her race in any way. I was saying everything I typed specifically to her and her 'so called, fellow annoyed with International fans' friends!!!! Point out if I came across as racist in any way. Please. Because I'm confused!
i marry humans
@LizaNightshade @KpopQueen1 @Mercedesbenz98 @SunnaWalo @Zxenna @mewhinamon @JaiiPanda @DawanaMason @MikoDamico @BrendaPham @ghxul @amobigbang @TracyLynnn @terenailyn @DanaMichelle @ElleHolley @MichelleIbarra @FalseLove @Vixxstarlight1 @RebeccaLondon Thank you to everyone who said kind words. She really made me upset and I'm pretty sure she is going to respond to the things I said again. I'm just tired of her at the moment. I haven't checked my Google+ messages knowing she's going to say something else negative, but I'm not going to give up. I will talk some sense into her. Even if she doesn't want to hear it, it is not okay to be racist like that. Again, thank you to you all.
I wouldn't worry about stupid ppl. BTS would not approve of this racist bigot. yes I have read those things about their ideal girl. those were interviews a long time ago before they were exposed to other types of girls. I have read interviews where they ask the aame questions and then guys say different things. I'm a Black Latina and I love seeing ppl that look like me in kpop videos. When I seen that Black girl in GD and Youngbae's video good boy I went insane and the black girls in CL video plus this Ep with BTS I was overjoyed. In fact it would be great to see more diversity in kpop videos. When they don't pick an Asian girl they pick a very European looking girl. Both are beautiful but brown girls need some love too!
@TracyLynnn hey, I see your point, but as a Korean American (lived here pretty much all my life), it feels a bit attacking to all Koreans and I just want to let you know, there are those of us that are totally cool with these kinds of vids but just don't think to comment on them. People tend to always hear the negative voices louder than the neutral/positive ones and just please keep in mind there are those of us supporting too!! I don't get the negatve comments either, but hey haters gotta hate...?
@LizaNightshade Thanks for the suggestion but I'm not going to back down without a clean fight. I feel like I should protect the honor of African American/Black A.R.M.Y.'s. She said some really rude things. She needs to see what she said was wrong.
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