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1. Picture of G with personalized ear monitors...this one was harder to find than I expected it to be.
BIGBANG If You video Plus bonus crappy quality video I recorded at the concert. I got too excited and had to put my phone down XD
3. Taeyang with a bonus picture from the same music video. How could I not...he just looks so good!!
4. All 5 members in a vehicle...although they are technically hanging out of the car in the third one.
5. TOP with a facemask. Technically it's on his chin in the second picture...haha but he is such a derp I had to use it.
6. Hana Dul Set video. What can I say...I'm a sucker for any G videos but I especially love to watch Coup Détat. The video is eerily beautiful and fascinating...and G is obviously beautiful even if he has Cruella Deville hair.
7. Picture of Daesung on stage. Let me just say that I didn't even have to look these up...I have way too many pictures of my bae on stage. I actually had to narrow it down to four instead of just putting them all up XD
8. Zutter mv screen little sister and I may or may not dance like this all the time.
9. BIGBANG merch you want most. So I put two pictures again...I want this backpack because the one that I bought for myself for school a couple years ago i falling apart. I keep having to sew the straps back on and it's really getting pitiful. I also want the plushies just beacuse they are cute XD
10. Seungri DJ-ing. I love these pictures because he looks so genuinely happy and you can tell how much he enjoys it.
11. Your bias and two reasons why. Again...didn't have to google pictures. Dae is my bias because he is always so happy and cheerful even when things are stressful or going badly. He is always so genuine and never fails to bring a smile to my face. I love that he plays the drums and how happy it makes him when he does.
12. Sleepy members! There were so many cute pictures for this that I couldn't pick just one XD also that fan art is legitimately adorable.
Well done. I especially liked the personal touch of adding the clip from the LA show, and the fan art is too adorable@