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Daily Bangtan Scouts: Jin Edition #2
Happy Sunday Everyone!!! Welcome to another edition of the BTS community's Daily Scout Card ^.^ This week's theme will be centering around ships/bromances between our selected Bangtan Boy!!

NAMJIN-Namjoon and Jin

The Mother and Father Of BTS!! Namjoon would be the clumsy but strong leader while Jin would provide the tender care and patience that everyone needs with Namjoon lol. They would also definitely protect each other and have loads of fun.

TAEJIN- Taehyung and Jin

Jin has already admitted that V was the one member he was closest too so I guess this could be a thing. Jin would definitely be the caretaker as usual. I could also see him getting really worried since V is unpredictable. V would love the attention from Jin and wouldn't hesitate with skinship. Jin would return it but wouldn't want it to get too bad, especially in public.

JINKOOKIE- Jungkook and Jin

Uhhh I can't even believe this is a ship but here it is. I'm not gonna lie this ship is cute as hell xD Jin would get really defensive with Jungkook and probably be very watchful. He would also love to hug him and making him smile. Jungkook would be so playful it would almost annoy Jin. He would probably get in trouble on purpose just to get Jin's attention.
With Suga, Jimin, and J-Hope I really can't picture them being together. But I do see awesome bromamces which is the next best thing lol xD

What's your favorite Jin ship?? Comment below!!!

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namjin all the way
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Namjin for life 💖💖💖
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2 years ago·Reply
1st NamJin!!! 2nd JinKook!!! 3rd TaeJin cuz I ship VMin or YoonTae more...
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