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No matter what this life does to you or where it takes you, don't let your dreams just be dreams! Make them become your reality. Dream to make believe my NAKAMA! Follow the path you set before you and make it something that you will never doubt and continue to be proud of even when your on your knees in sorrow crying. Remember that one thing, that one last thread of hope, your dream, that will guide you to your enlightened path of reality and happiness!
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@TensaZangetsu98 these are lyrics somewhat taken from Jack Johnson's song "dreams be dreams" it's a good song NAKAMA!!
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@LuffyNewman still sounds like Shis
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"EAT MEAT LIVE FREE" I want a shirt that says that with Luffy and Natsu on it. 馃槀 That is what I learned.
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@Sharia haha I would def wear that NAKAMA!!
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