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Well..... When someone/somebody hurts me, no I don't try to hurt them back. I just go away from them. I don't need those kinds of people in my life. I'd rather be by myself than to be around those who or will hurt me. I always tend to go back inside my shell and put up walls keeping others out.
(credit goes to the creators of the above images) I love this one! Sad but true. (hmmm title of one of my favorite Metallica songs)
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I just want to second what @EasternShell said, it takes too much energy to be make and seek harm on another person. If a person does that to you, and you turn back to try to find ways to hurt them, then you are just wasting more negative energy. And that's no fun for you
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its certainly a start, and a sign of apiritial maturity. taking responsibility for the reactive mind and taking control of our karma
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@1fallenangel Yes Indeed! in spirit, and in kind.
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I love that! That's really awesome! @JacobSpinoza
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