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so this is for all EXO-L. anyhoo so im like so bored right now this is weird. I have this littlest pet shop game & I named all of the pets with exo members/names I hope im not the one that does this & also I can actually see the exo faces in the animals face that scary now that I think about it.
heres one, Kim jongin aka Kai
here's luhan & is yes I still add the fomer memeber in the exo.
here byun baekhyun
here's park chanyeol
here's the bootaful lay
here's a sehun also is it just me or does sehun kind of look like a bunny
here's the galaxy boy kirs wu yifin. I hope that how you spell it
here's the boazi aka xiumin
here's suho the mother. honestly this one kind of make sense if you know what I mean
& last but not lest the beautiful tao
@SarangRavi I just knew I wasn't the only one. your married to Ravi & you have two kids that so awesome
I do the same thing. I have "Tomodachi life" for my 3ds. It's a life simulator game with miis, and I have as many K-pop stars as I can think of in the game,and you can befriend them, I'm even Married to Ravi, and we have two kids. 😃 it's a lot of fun.