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As a single parent juggling school, a full time job, and an endless list of hobbies sometimes it can be hard to find the motivation to get in a good workout especially when I only have time available at the most inconvenient hours--say 2am? So I'm trying to incorporate some home workouts and documenting my progress for all to see. Feel free to post suggestions, words of encouragement, or simply just move on.

Taking That First Step:

I began on Thursday 3 days ago after dropping off my kiddo at school; started with a banana and some PreWorkout and leashed the dog.

Walk the dog 3 nearly miles

This ended up being a combination of jogging 1.5 miles and walking 1 mile, primarily because my dog is nearly 100lbs and tries to rush at every dog we meet along the way

Anyways, once I returned home it was workout time--because running is hardly a workout for me no matter how much I suck at it right now! With crossfit in mind (as I've missed about 2 months now and am getting ready to start back up this week) I tried to keep it light:

20 air squats + 15 jumping squats + 25 kettlebell swings (x3)

Air Squats

Personally, I go below parallel because it feels easier and because (as coach Marky calls it) I have some great ankle mobility.

Jumping Squats

I've never thought of jumping squats, let alone how great of a workout these are to incorporate, until crossfit. Let me just tell you that I'm usually ready to quit after my first 10 jumping squats. I really hate these.

Kettlebell Swings

Another workout I learned from crossfit. With that in mind, I always make sure my "head is through the window" with my chest pushed slightly forward and core engaged. I was so excited to use my brand spanking new 30lb kettlebell that I bought myself for Christmas. At crossfit I've been using the lowest weight there, 25lbs, the next weights at 35lbs and 45lbs so this is a perfect weight increase for me.
Right now with the limited space on my phone I've been using the pre-installed S Health app on my Samsung Galaxy s5 which kinda sucks, but at least it's some way to keep track of my progress. It's too much of a hassle to track food intake as well--ain't nobody got time for that!
Pretty much me the next day at work. Factor in the 2 hours of sleep I got between shifts (because I'm a goddamn awesome employee who really cares about what I do for a living) meant by day 2 it did not get any better! My neck and arms were pretty stiff and sore too, but nowhere as bad as my legs/thighs!
Needless to say, I was still pretty damn proud of myself even though I felt pathetic afterwards because the crossfit workouts I do incorporate more reps, but I ran nearly 3 miles and we don't run as much as that during workouts. I didn't even get a chance to practice my double unders due to time constraints and an urge to pass out. But I got that workout in!