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Today's the day! Releasing the calendar of events for this week's exciting event, Jump Ahead January! If you missed the announcement, find out more here.
Without further ado, the calendar!
These are the fun events that will be happening this week! Plus, as usual, you can expect loads of cards on helpful, juicy topics :) Save it to your phone or computer for easy reference! :)
All the cards that have to do with Jump Ahead January will have [JJ] in the card title, so keep an eye out! :)
A little more about each event...

Monday: @AlloBaber's Birthday Party at 4pm PST

Yes, it's my birthday! :D Drop by and celebrate with me. I promise I'll have some fun goodies for everyone to enjoy! ;D

Tuesday: Hopes & Dreams Challenge

The big community challenge of the week! This card will invite everyone to comment their hopes and dreams for 2016 – things they want to accomplish, dreams they hope will come true, things they're looking forward to... one item per comment. If we can get more than 100 comments, there will be a special suprise. IF WE CAN GET MORE THAN 300 COMMENTS, there will be a SUPER SPECIAL surprise!!

Wednesday: Truth or Dare Game!

You asked for it... well here it is! Comment truth or dare and see what happens ;)

Thursday: 2016 Rom Com Trailer Screening

Vote for your favorite trailer! I'll post the trailers for 3 or 4 upcoming romantic films – you decide which is worth seeing!

Friday: Message To Your Future Partner!

We'll close off the week by looking ahead with this fun hypothetical activity! If you could say one thing to the love of your life, right now, what would it be? The best responses will be featured in my next User Spotlight. :) See what everyone else would say, and contribute to the discussion!
All community members will have until Thursday 11:59pm PST to tag people, comment, and get AS MANY COMMENTS as possible on the Hopes and Dreams challenge! And no, one person can't write all 300 comments themselves ;) that's cheating! So round up your friends and get that special surprise!!! :D

Let's have a fun time together this week, everyone!

The more the merrier, so please be sure to stop by the Love & Relationship community every day to get in on the fun! :D

just died log freezer burn thanks to @inplainsight 😱😟😒😳😡😣😭😭😭
tried to ❀ this card because it's cool and I want to join your birthday party @allobaber but my phone app won't let me ❀ πŸ˜•πŸ˜£
wow so many fun things this week! I'm excited to see (and participate) in all of this!!
@marshalledgar I don't know what you're doing with logs....
Not log. I meant from.
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