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If you can already tell by the title, this will be my first ever fan fiction that I'll be writing! My cover of it is above and I'm very satisfied with it ^^ ( of course it's a Jungkook one, but the rest of the members will play an important part in the story aswell! )
I'll update it on Wattpad since it's easier, but I'm putting the first part on Vingle just to introduce it to you guys.
My user is Caeli_Asteria so please go follow me if you want to see the updates for my story!

My bodayyy is literally having a party inside of me right now, I'm so excited!

Here's the description of the story :3
Ever since your heart has been broken by the one you loved most, you promised yourself to avoid men as much as possible. Because your mom found a job in Korea it was time to start a new life and not the time to be messing around with boys, but it seemed to be impossible. There was a boy in your new school who was very interested in you and wouldn't leave you alone. Could you really put aside your ex boyfriend's affairs and move on to someone who could possibly repeat the past?
Now I will post the actual first chapter of the story, are you guys ready? Oh and disclaimer, it might be horrible but I'm trying my best to improve my writing skills so if you find an error or something, just know that I'm not the best writer around ^^
*The main character's English name ( you ) will be Hara Oh but your Korean name will be Oh Hyunmi. The story will begin and take place after Hara finds out that her mom has found a new job.*
I was doodling in my notebook as my teacher was teaching a Social Studies lesson. The topic we were learning about seemed very boring to me so I ended up doodling all sorts of random things. I put my pencil down and yawned quietly when my best friend Alyssa poked me on the shoulder. I hummed in response and she was making funny faces and pointed at the teacher. I giggled quietly since it was dead quiet, no one dared to mess with our Social Studies teacher because she could get really grumpy at any second.
Once class was over, it was time for lunch. I took my lunch bag and Alyssa skipped to my locker with her lunch bag, "Don't you think you could stay for like, 70 more years Hara?" She pouted. Oh yeah, my mom found a new job which I'm really glad that she did but it's in Korea, and since I live all the way on the other side of it in California, I'll have to survive a long airplane ride.. "I really want to stay.. But we need money and you know that accident affected her really badly" I sighed as we walked down the stairs and Alyssa gave me a look of apology, "I know, I just don't want to imagine you not being by my side 'till the end." I lightly nudged her in the stomach with my elbow in hopes to light up the mood and smiled, "Hey, don't worry. We'll always be able to video chat." Alyssa smiled widely and nodded in agreement.
While me and Alyssa were eating in our usual lunch table spots, she took my phone and checked through my messages with my boyfriend, Mason. "You guys are so cute with each other, why can't I find a boyfriend?" Alyssa pouted while looking through our texts. "Maybe it's because you want to be in a relationship with a fictional character," I said sarcastically and she playfully punched my shoulder. I looked to left and saw that Mason was coming towards us and when he came, he sat to my right.
"How is my babe doing?" He said as he took my hand like a prince would to a princess and kissed it lightly and smiled at me which I did back. "You guys are making me sick with your lovey dovey actions.." Alyssa said and pretended to throw up. "Y'know maybe you shouldn't always pretend that you're dating Harry Potter, Alyssa," Mason chuckled as he let go of my hand and threw his arm around my shoulder and pulled me closer to him before letting go. "Who said I was pretending to date him?!" Alyssa exclaimed and Mason slyly replied back, "Hara might or might not have sent me pictures of your posters of Harry Potter." Alyssa looked at me in disbelief, "I thought we were friends Alyssa, how could you!"
She covered her face in embarrassment and I rubbed her back,"I'm sorry but you seem to like him a lot.. You have like 5 posters of him Alyssa.." Alyssa removed her hands from her face and shrugged,"Oh well.. It's not like I have a problem or anything.." Me and Mason laughed and Alyssa soon joined us. Once we were done laughing Mason got up and looked over at his table, "I have to go now but I'll catch you later babe, okay?" He said and I nodded as he bent down to kiss my cheek and walked away while giving me a silly face.
When school was over, everyone seemed to be in a hurry to go home. I got everything in my backpack and went to Mason's locker. I already saw Alyssa standing there waiting but he wasn't there, "Where's Mason? School should be over now," I said as I finally reached Alyssa. "I'm not sure.. We walk together all of the time! He's never been this late." As minutes passed, it seemed like Mason wasn't coming so Alyssa left earlier. I sighed to myself and started to walk out of the school. When I was outside, I passed by the park where Mason asked me to be his girlfriend. I smiled to myself and continued to walk home. When I arrived at my house, I took my house keys and opened the front door and closed it behind me.
"Mom, I'm home..!" I dropped my backpack near the couch and then realized my mom was talking to her boss about her new job that she was offered and she's also getting flight tickets to South Korea. I went into my bedroom and flopped onto my bed and checked my phone to see if Mason sent me any text messages yet. I saw a text that he sent me and it said, "u shuld come here right now, im so drunk.."... Why was Mason drinking? He's underage.. I better go to his place and see what's going on. "Okay.. Don't go anywhere, okay?" I clicked send and changed my clothes real quick and walked to his place which wasn't too far away.
Once I arrived at his house, I took out a copy of his house keys he gave me because he lived alone and wouldn't mind me visiting him randomly if I wanted to see him. When I opened the door, I immediately saw bottles of alcohol on the floor and I slowly sneaked by the walls and turned around the kitchen corner.
*WARNING - Explicit content is coming up so if you're uncomfortable with reading stuff like this please skip it. ( But I'm sure you guys will be able to bear it right? I'm going to add a warning anyways. If you're reading a part you're uncomfortable with, just skip until it's done :) )*
I noticed that Mason's bedroom door was open and saw him come out of there shirtless, he looked so intoxicated. "Mason..? Why are you drinking so much, you're underage and you know you're not supposed to." I said with a concerned face as I inched closer to examine him. Mason threw his arms up in the air in a happy motion while holding a bottle of alcohol, " 'Ey, Hara! I'm so glad yur hure... I'm like so drunk rit nao.." When I was close enough to him, I took the bottle of alcohol he held and put it on one of the kitchen counters.
"What happened that led you to do this? You're never like this.." I crossed my arms and stared at him, waiting for him to explain himself. Mason lowered his arms and pouted, inching a bit closer to me. " You're going to leave me here alone.... You're moving to Korea.." His pout quickly went to a look of anger, "You never told me that you were going to leave me!" He raised his voice at me which caused me to step back a bit.
"I was planning to tell you, soon but I didn't want to make you upset." I tried to stay as calm as I could but Mason was starting to scare me.. He took a step towards me, "Why didn't you tell me?!" He raised his voice at me again and got really close to me to the point where I was backed up to the wall and his nose was inches away from touching mine. I tried to stay my ground and turned my gaze to the floor, "I was going to tell you tomorrow.. It's hard to bring it up because I don't want to leave you either."
I heard him put his hand up against the wall and he forcefully lifted my chin up with his other hand and pierced his blank eyes into mind, "I think you need to get punished for trying to escape from me" He smirked at me and then proceeded to trap me against the wall, making me not being able to move away. "What do you mean I'm escaping? I never said I was, I have to move there Mason." My voice started to sound very shaky.
Before I knew it, Mason put his hands on my waist and tried to forcefully put his tongue in my mouth, I tried my hardest to push him away but he was too strong. In a few minutes he was roughly exploring my mouth in anger and one of his hands was going up my shirt, trying to find my bra clasp. When I was finally able to get a moment to breathe I tried telling him to stop, "M-Mason what're you d-doing?! Stop doing--" Mason ignored me and threw me over his shoulder and carried me to his bedroom, "Let me go! I don't want to do this with you--" Before I said his name, he roughly threw me onto the bed and in a second was on top of me. He stared at me, his eyes full of lust and he licked his lips. Before I could push him away, he swiftly put himself down on me and pinned my hands above my head and started to kiss me very roughly and messily. My mouth started to get very sore from his forced kisses and my eyes started to tear up, I never thought that Mason would do this to me...
"S-stop.. Please, I can't take this anymore" I murmur to him but he didn't listen and moved down to my neck and sucked on it hardly. After that he moved down to unbutton my shorts. That's when I had the chance to push him away and run out of his bedroom almost making it to the exit.
I heard him coming after me but he was too fast and ended up grabbing my elbow from behind and made me face him. The next thing I knew, I heard a slapping sound and found myself on the floor to discover that Mason has hit me for the first time.. "YOU BITCH! WHY ARE YOU TRYING TO RUNNING AWAY FROM ME?!"
I touched my cheek and started to tear up, my cheek felt so sore right now.. He grabbed my hair and pulled me up, pushing me into the front door and in a second, he put his lips harshly onto mine trying to find entrance. My energy was going down very quickly and my legs started to give away but Mason held my body up by holding my waist. He backed away from me, his arms still trapping me and I weakly grabbed his arm and tried to push it down but it didn't budge, "Don't do this anymore, please.." My voice sounded dry and distraught but he smirked at me and licked his lips, "I'm sorry babe, but before you leave me, I have to do this to you." What is he saying? What's he going to do to me?!
Before I was able to process what he said, he took my head and slammed it onto the wall enough to make me knock out. All I saw was pitch black, I didn't know what he was going to do to me then..
But all I can think is, "Why me..?"
*Hi guys! I feel like I have a problem honestly because I would put my story up so I can edit it on my laptop, be doing something else and barely edit or not work at all. It's seriously been a problem for quite some time and I have so much free time to but I spend it being on YouTube and stuff, WHY AM I LIKE THIS?? Ugh.. Well I hope you guys enjoy this "prologue" type chapter, I feel like it could be better, but I hope it's good enough for you guys.*
*ANYWAYS... Sorry I'm ranting on and on. I'm just really excited about this fan fiction so I really hope you enjoy it and I'll try to stop procrastinating... I hope. BYE!!*
*Oh and, for the next chapter, should I do it on Mason's perspective? I'd have fun writing it and maybe you guys want to see what happened to him. What do you think? Please comment below! Feel free to share it but don't claim any of my work.*
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