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GD... on this MV you had this Mushroom hair style... what was the inspiration?
GD : Because I love to eat Mushroom.. I think it was delicious.
GD : So I want to mix with my hair style... this is actually a wig... see... All Members :( laughing...) I didn't know it was a wig...but great taste♡♡♡♡
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Omg. Daesung is soo cute laughing in his Monster outfit.
@falme2 It was an interview from a Japanese TV Music On show... I can't find any with Eng sub...I didn't know was a wig until I watch it to...😆😆😆😆
@lovetopia that at least narrows down my search! I don't need eng sub, although it does help a lot. I'll try to translate it for a card once I find the video and listen to it. no promises tho. my jap knowledge is purely from anime+some BIGBANG songs Lol
@falme2 if u don't mind that it wasn't under Eng Sub... below r the link... GD did that almost to the end of the show
the whole time it was a wig! wow makes you wonder what other hair styles secretly were wigs