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SasuNaru was the very first ship that I shipped, I know people don't agree with me but ugh I love them so much! They are absolutely adorable to me like aaaahhhh!! Please tell me your guys ship and I will gladly post a pic!!
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@sasunaru68 Yes!!! He is so cute when he blushes Haha I found that jealous part of Killua XD
@TheAnimeManiac Which one is it?
@sasunaru68 When Gon introduces Retz to Killua "Retz meets Gon, and the two soon become friends. Gon asks Retz for help in locating the place where the person who stole Kurapika's eyes might be hiding at. When Gon introduces her to Killua; Killua is instantly jealous of the quick bond Gon and her had already formed." Lol proof that Killua got jealous. I got that from Retz description XD
@TheAnimeManiac Oh that's right!!! I totally remember now!!! Lol yes!!
@sasunaru68 Haha lol, yeah