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let's talk about virgins
I watched this episode of Happy Together with Bobby and BI from ikon. In this episode everybody had to go around and say how long they have been single. Bobby said that his last girlfriend was 4 years ago, and BI said that not only had he never had a girlfriend but he had never been kissed.
so if he's never been kissed I think it's safe to assume that he's also never had sex which got me thinking about how many idols are probably still virgins. I'm not sure about maybe some of the older idol groups like Big Bang, Super Junior and SHINee, but I'm sure the rookie groups that have debuted in the past few years are dripping with virgins.
*virgin squad turn up* from what I can tell most idols get casted fairly young and between going to school and training they really don't have time to have a relationship. While normal 10 to 12 year olds are getting their first girlfriends these idols were probably in the midst of their training and maybe even making some cameos in music videos. There's a fairly large amount of idols who really missed out on having a normal childhood which means they also missed out on having their first relationships, having their first kisses, going on dates to the movies, etc. Bobby mentioned in the Happy Together episode that he has had two girlfriends and the others mentioned that he was foreigner so I think what they meant by that is most foreign idols get casted at a bit of a later age so they kind of had time to squeeze in those middle school relationships that we all regret.
I think it's safe to say most people lose their virginity around the age of 16 and by that time most of these idols were debuting so obviously that would mean there's a good chunk of groups around my age(19) that are still virgins: i.e. Seventeen, ikon, got7, BTS. I honestly don't know about the older idols that are in their twenties and thirties. In my mind they've toured around enough, met a lot of people, and have learned over time how to hide from their companies and the public. So they must have managed to sneak in their first time somewhere along their careers, but these new groups are constantly being watched by fans, paparazzi, and their companies because ya know everyone wants to play with the new shiny toys. and look at us fans drooling over body rolls and hip thrust when they probably don't even know what hole to stick it in
Do you know how much smut I've come across about Vernon? This 17 year old virgin has got some high expectations from his fans
virgin ^ 1 virgin ^ 2 virgins ^^^ 3, 4, & 5 virgin ^ 6 virgin ^ 7(maybe)
......... look at all those virgins I'm sure the fans could help you out with that boys
..... ..... ..... this is so blunt..... *whispers* perfect
This card had me cringing and giggling and idek but yeah, I try not to think about idols personal lives cause know...personal hahhaha
When you said BTS is a virgin group,I was like maybe, but lets take out Rap Monster out of the virgin section.
omg.... the first jeonghan gif got me! awww he looks so cute with the flowers and all!
The maybe by Jackson. 馃槀馃槀
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