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Korea is known for its incredible beauty products, but for some reason I'm hesitating on this one...

It's your usual face mask sheet which comes in a little packet of moisturizer and instructions to leave it on your face for 15 minutes.

What is different, though, is the fact that there are GIANT ANIMAL FACES ON THEM.

According to reviews, these masks are nothing special - just your average moisturizing face mask so the extra cost is really just for the fun pictures you can take.

There is actually an entire tag on Instagram dedicated to taking pictures in your face mask:

The first brand I saw of these products also had extra ingredients such as honey for your skin or apple essence for acne...but my one question is...

WTF is horse oil?!

After some research I found out that it is an oil made from the fat around the mane area of a horse (no horses are killed during this process, though I'm not sure about general HARM)
It's apparently the new hot item for a lot of Korean products?!
I think I'll stick to the honey pig mask...

Who wants to try one of these?!

I'll take on Seungri (panda) face mask please lol
@SusiBosshammer they sell them on ebay. I kinda want one 😀
yes same. @kwonofakind
you can get these cheap on
I want to try one lol
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