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@marshalledgar You start with the lettuce leave a little space on the side for cottage cheese with pineapple and peaches then you pile on the veggies so you have lots of color, beets, peas, carrots, cheese, eggs, broccoli, green peppers, cukes, sunflower seeds, croutons, bacon bits, and whatever else catches your eyes, then dressing of choice then breadsticks on top.
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then go back for soup and ✋ full of crackers.
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LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL I have to say that your comments made me smile really big! @GingerMJones I don't like cottage cheese. I've tried it hundreds of ways--trying to mask the taste and texture. I can't do it. Everything else sounds great. Love the hand full of crackers at the end! hahahaa
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If you don't like the cottage cheese you can use that space for the fruit or go with pasta salad... LOL
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that is totally me all the way
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