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Please be advised:

The following video contains imagery in motion. If you are prone to motion sickness, epilepsy, are pregnant, or frequently experience negative or disturbing thoughts in association with motion and motion-like experiences, you may not want to watch the video below.
What happens when Best Buy employees stick a GoPro camer inside a 1200 rpm washing machine on spin cycle.

Can you deal?

Who has a GoPro and what is the craziest thing you've recorded? @Allobaber shared a sweet video of a dog that played the part of videographer for this awesome outdoor wedding. Have you seen it? Click here to get all the action. It's actually quite remarkable!
has anyone been hypnotised by this?? This was so cool & awesome!
Hahaha that reminded me of that spin art stuff I used to like to do when I was a little girl.
That was soooo cool!! ^_^ @humairaa yes, I just kept staring and my bf was like, "ummm, Hun..." @danidee Yesss!! I even said that to Rob! That it looked like a Spirograph... and then he wondered if we could still buy one of those today for Levi. Lol. Ever the artist. Haha. <3
Show off some of your jewelry on here @butterflyblu I'd love to see it.
@danidee you should come over and we can do them. I make jewelry all year and then a lot of home and holiday crafts. We'd have way too much fun, yo.
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