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So I was tagged by @MadAndrea , @amandamuska and @Kyokeo. It seem like a lot of fun, so why not?

Your parents reaction when you were born

I mean.. I guess that would be my parents. (Especially Namjoon being my dad..)

How you felt on the first day of school

I had more of Namjoon's reaction

Your reaction when you learned how to ride a bike

Yes, yes. I was so happy I got hugs.

Your reaction to your best friend giving you a birthday present

I was very touched... but not shirtless.

How it felt when you got your first crush

I was uh... very shocked and confused?

How it felt when you told your crush you liked them

Um, not exactly how it went, but okay!

Your reaction to your parents sitting you down to have 'the talk'.

I knew more than I was suppose to...

How you felt waiting for your exam results

It's gunna be alright, just don't think about it!

Your reaction to failing an exam

I was pretty happy about it; but my friends weren't happy about it...

Your reaction to passing an exam

My dad gave me hugs!!! :D

Your reaction to having a crush on your professor

Totally me..

Your reaction to graduating

Pretty dang happy about it!!

Your reaction to finding a good job


The rest of your life

...I'll let that explain itself...
Yes, I know that was all BTS gifs.. I save in groups... I'm weird.. Other that than, it was really fun!!!
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My reaction when I learned how to ride a bike was just me being happy that I would stop falling in the sticker bushes in our backyard. Tbh it's been like 6 years since I've ridden a bike because my bike broke in 8th grade