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Ask any Star Wars fan, who's the ultimate hero and you're bound to get a variety of answers. Here's proof that the most consistent hero--always saving the day--is none other than R2-D2.


Take a look and see for yourself. Any time a character was written into a wall, inexplicably, R2-D2 had the power, knowledge and omniscience to get the job done! You can't say that about ANY OTHER CHARACTER!

Anyone disagree?

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If I could possess just a fraction of the courage and bravery of R2-D2...I swear...things would be so different in my life. Sheeeesh @clobbersaurus @AwsomeCarp
no way could I disagree. I'm doing a star wars marathon this weekend and it's pretty clear that they would've lost right away if it weren't for this little guy
truth, right there!
completely agree
I definitely agree! R2 is always there for everyone. Without him they wouldn't know what to do. Love R2!