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Park Shin-Hye!

Is my favorite actress because of her amazing acting talent. She has such a bubbly and fun personality. She's also extremely gorgeous! I love every role she plays and I think she would make such a cute couple with Ji Chang Wook. They compliment one another so well! Shin-Hye has played the main character in many roles with multiple popular actors such as Lee Min Ho, Lee Jung Suk and Jung Yong-Hwa. I really want to see her with Ji Chang Wook.

Ji Chang Wook!

Chang Wook is my favorite actor ever since I saw him in "Healer". He is so cute, funny and super hot. He as well as Shin-Hye has great acting skills even though I've only seen him in Healer that was enough to convince me of his talents. I really want to see this happen!!! Possibly an action drama because I want to see Shin-Hye in an action, romance drama which would be interesting... @kpopandkimchi @KpopQueenaBee @SydneyGarza @humairaa @SusiBosshammer @JaxomB @JamiMilsap @sarahdarwish @sosoaloraine23 @KaiJae @btsgotshinee @sherrysahar @ChaErica @deefran @krin @VeronicaArtino @GDsGF @Kamiamon @solodaywithB1A4 @mistymaity @SusiBosshammer @Priscilla @Mahealani @Yongsongmi @shannawi @carenabobo @TanyaGautam @hyunsaeng638 @heidichiesa @MinDeji @EmilioTrevino @dancer1248MN @AnaP @AimeeH @JackieMurrayCab @Konaa @MooshieBay @poojas @SabrinaSakura @EmilyPeacock @seouls @dominika @RosaArgueta @luna1171 @KpopGaby @TLeahEdwards @Tan @3SecondsOfHope @IMNII @PrettieeEmm @Tamaki1618
Agreed!!! We need to get Park Shin Hye out of playing the same role over and over! I support this couple LOL!!!
My friends and some people, always they tell me, that I look like Park Shyn exactly .. Loool I'm so glad and surprised 馃槏馃槏馃槀
Omg yasss!!!
YES! This needs to happen 馃槉
I saw her on an old episode of Running Man and she was really cute and competitive! I think she'd be great in an action drama, especially if it was a comedy! @kpopandkimchi and and YES PLEASE give this girl a different kind of role! (and leave out the kisses :-)
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