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Lee Jong Suk and Yoon Sang Hyun will be starring together in a new drama!!!
Lee Jong Suk and Yoon Sang Hyun is reuniting in a new drama "I Can Hear Your Voice"!!!! I'm like jumping at this news because come on, who can forget about the unexpected one-sided crush that Tae Sun (Jong Suk) had on Woo Young (Sang Hyun) previously in Secret Garden? Till today I still squeaked at how kind Woo Young treated Tae Sun just to not hurt him (awwwww). Anyway, time to move on. "I Can Hear Your Voice" is a romantic drama about public defenders. And the twist? It's right there in the title. Literally. Reading people's thought. Just wow I totally didn't expect that coming. In more details, it is is fresh fantasy romance about a public defender heroine and a man-boy who has the supernatural ability to hear people’s thoughts and read minds. The couple will take on a Holmes-and-Watson sort of partnership, where they investigate cases together. Yoon Sang Hyun plays a cop-turned-public-defender, and will be competing for the same girl with Jong Suk (dramabeans). What do you think about the plot? I'm loving the supernatural ability of reading people's hearts!!
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