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Playlist Challenge

I was tagged by @MadAndrea, to make a playlist of at least 5 K-Pop songs. The playlist has to center around a theme, but it's your decision what that theme is.

For my theme I chose to do a party playlist, cause who doesn't need a couple parties every once in a while.

Bastarz (Block B)- Zero For Conduct

Hyuna- Roll Deep

GD X Taeyang- Good Boy

Big Bang- Fantastic Baby

Teen Top- Rocking

Vixx- Light Up The Darkness

Seventeen- OMG

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your list is extremely close to my real playlist
2 years ago·Reply
Top notch playlist!
2 years ago·Reply
yay excited to work on this tonight!! sweet playlist. I would die if I was in a club or at a party and kpop was playing haha
2 years ago·Reply