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This is totally my life, so I'm sure it's something some others around here have a problem with too. WHAT DO YOU DO?!
Usually, if I forget what I was just going to do, I count from 1 - 10 super fast to force myself to remember it fast. And then it magically pops into my head.
I know. I'm weird. Don't judge.
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I'll be the first one to say I forget some really dumb stuff. I seriously have spoke to my mom on my cell while "looking" for my cell. No joke. It happened. And my Mom just laughed and laughed until she finally had to tell me I was holding the dang thing. *huff* I don't know where my brain decided to go at that moment, but it sure wasn't at home where it was supposed to be. Same thing applies to my car keys. I SWEAR they grow legs and walk off.
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@Danse Omg, I am forever losing things. I'd like to think there's a black hole somewhere that currently contains 10,000 hairpins, a house key, two subway cards, and one of my mom's diamond earrings that I borrowed in 6th grade.
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That black hole is somehow connected to the one in the dryer that eats socks. >_< I know it. @danidee
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I try to retrace my steps, retrace my thoughts. Sometimes it helps, sometimes I stand there til I give up.
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@LAVONYORK Yeah, that's helped me a whole lot. Even just writing things down in the notepad on my phone helps me a lot.
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