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Sometimes, you have big plans for the weekend. Other times, you decide to sit at home & watch anime all day. I have no regrets about this XD

Today I watched season 1 of Snow White with the Red Hair!!

Just as people told me, it was pretty great!

I was surprised at how slice-of-life this almost ended up being. Action happened, but in terms of a long continuing plot, it really wasn't too heavy or involved. Sure, we got a lot of back story & a lot of things that by the end will be long involved plot, but each episode felt very much like just a little snippit of their lives. And I loved that!

I was watching the dub...

which I already know some of your would scold me for, but I was cleaning my room & doing some organizing all day, so I needed to go with dubbed for my own sanity :) but the last 3 episodes aren't released as dubs yet (they will be on the 22nd), so I watched the last 3 subbed because I couldn't wait to finish it! I'll finish the dub later when it releases for good measure.

And now I can start S2!

The original reason I watched this was because SO many people were excited about S2, that I wanted to watch it, too, and knew that S1 must be good if people were so excited for 2. So I'll start that soon, too!!

Anybody else love this show?

If you haven't seen it, and you like romance anime with a heavier focus on friendships & loyalty & what it means to be a person who is confident in what they do, I really recommend this one!!
So the show is literally called "Snow White with the Red Hair" ????
@Danse Yay!!! You'll like it ^-^ @RaquelArredondo Same :D But I like that she had the guts to cut it!
@JoeyDeeMendoza It's just sweet & calm & nice and makes me all disney warm & fuzzy inside hahaha. @kolassal Yeah! I was surprised how much I enjoyed this, really, and also enjoyed feeling like I was learning a lot
I literally started to watch it after I read this post and I feel in love with the series. Zen and Shiriyuki are relationship goals! they are my OTP, I love them. I loved it so much that I got caught up with the anime in a day lol
6 episodes in and I can't lie, I like the anime. I'm more of a mystery type of anime watcher like mushi-shi but it always good to watch an anime like this from time to time if you ask me. OH and I Love that fact that I'm learning so much about herbs lol
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