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Hell everyone in the Fairy Tail Community! It's the first day of Jump Ahead January so I'd thought id start it off with a pretty simple prompt. Which is:

What Ships do you want to be Canon??

Fairy Tail is very well known for its ship base and I know people can be very passionate about it. So I want you to put that passion into a card! Let's look ahead and see what ships should be canon! It doesn't have to be popular ships, in fact I encourage crack ships to be defended! I want to hear all about what ships you want to be canon at the end of Fairy Tail! Anything from NaLu and Gruvia to Jutsu and Loke x Mira. Any ship you want I just want you to defend it!
My favorite ship is Natsu x Erza. I've made a couple cards about this already and comment it on a lot of people's cards so I won't go into it too much here but I'll post a link to my other cards talking about it in detail! I'm also recently becoming a fan of Jutsu (Natsu x Juvia) I think they'd make a funny pair. Why I ship Natsu x Erza:
Remember to have fun and tag me in your posts! Don't forget to put [JJ] In your titles as well! Thanks for reading the card and have a great day! Ja ne
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Nalu, Jerza , gruvia and gale