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When They Like The Same Group:

but they have the same bias as you

omg, I got one of my good friends into kpop (after so long!!) She told me she hated kpop but I fixed that for after while, by introducing her to Big Bang, SHINee, BTS, and GOT7........ Big mistake.....EVERY....LAST....GROUP.........SHE .....WANTS...MY...BIAS!!! (She has great taste a least XD)
@KwonOfAKind whenever this happens the song beautiful liar comes to mind cause they are like we have the same bias isn't that great and I'm like yeah..... (Meanwhile in my head I'm like "I'm a beautiful, I'm a beautiful liar...")
@CreeTheOtaku I see GD as more of a souleater
it was the first semester of college when I got my anime friend into big bang and when I helped her with all the member names she pointed out to top saying "Ooh the tall one is handsome can he be my bias?" which I gave her a long stare and a hiss
Its like "do you really want to die
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