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Korean Slang with Seungkwan!

I speak like a grandma, so my slang lessons will be a Korean AND English lesson for me!

That's why we have Seungkwan seonsaengnim here to teach us Korean slang!

털ㄴ업 - Turn Up!

Friday night? 털ㄴ업! Passing period? 털ㄴ업!! Late night on Vingle!? 털ㄴ업!!!!

핵노잼 - Totally not funny!

We learned this a few days ago here! This phrase does not apply to Seungkwan, because he is full of 잼! He's one of the most entertaining idols out there now!

부비부비 - Booby Booby

(boo-bee boo-bee)
Yes, you read that correctly. Booby booby is used to refer to really crowded situations like on a crowded bus or train. You're literally booby to booby with people LOL. I've even heard people refer to 'riding on a crowded train' as 'booby booby time" (부비부비타임)

쉑 - Swag

Do I need to explain this further? It's used exactly how we use it in English (although I cant really even define how we use it in English LOL!)

What's the weirdest English slang you can think of?!

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I think most of the English slang words are weird😂
2 years ago·Reply
부비부비 made me laugh so much! Oh my goodness!! I think the English slang of "nam say'n" is really interesting. It takes a seven word sentence and condenses it to two syllables. It is the same with "naw mean".
2 years ago·Reply
"Ya'll all crusty and salty"- one of 9f my friends
2 years ago·Reply
Steez in terms of Style?? Kinda weird to me...and litty titties...😂😭😭😭😭😫 I can't go on!! I'm dyin' Y'all!!!
2 years ago·Reply
I remember the last gif it was funny how he was like "WHAT! so let me get this straight you have thirteen members and one bathroom WHAT!"
a year ago·Reply