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Can today get any better? First we have Reply 1997, then Kim Bum, Jong Suk and now Jang Dong Gun!!! To make it even more awesome, in this upcoming movie "Crying Man", he will be acting as a killer who does what he should never do: falling in love. The director of this movie is no other than Lee Jung Bum, who worked with Won Bin for Ahjussi (which made me cry, A LOT). If this and the title "Crying Man" tell me anything, it's that I will have to cry a bucket of tears for this one as well. Not exactly what I expect for a thriller action movie but Jang Dong Gun makes everything make perfect sense. lol. The lead actress is yet to be confirmed. It's time to build the perfect cast in your mind! Who do you want him to star along with?
yup oppa iz back update me everything abt lol I can't wait <3
i would love to see this sexy ajusshi come back!
awww ... I prefer him in a drama so that I can ogle him over many episodes as in AGD. But hey tks for posting. This pix of him is great !