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Naruto, Kushina, Nagato, Karin, and Lady Uzumaki (Forgot her name)
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Sì Señor
2 years ago·Reply
how did I not knw that (face palm)
2 years ago·Reply
I kinda figured it out when Kushina said that most of the Uzumaki Clan had red hair Nagato has red hair so I put 2 and 2 together lol same with Karin
2 years ago·Reply
*Uzumaki Mito's granddaughter. I don't think they ever revealed who Tsunade's parents were. Maybe they did and I just never caught on. @sasunaru @DaiGakuSei
2 years ago·Reply
I kinda wish Kishimoto did more with Karin's and Naruto's relationship. I mean they are related. Naruto always wanted family(even though he has one now). I just feel like it was left open. :/
2 years ago·Reply