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Jungkook FanFic Part 3

"Well ill be over to play!" Tae says. You giggle. "Hyungs are y'all ready to go?" Jungkook says. "Yeah" they all mumble "Where are we going?" You ask. "It's a surprise!" --- The Car Ride--- We took 2 cars. Jungkook, V, Jimin, Suga and you in one and Namjoon, Jhope, and Jin in another. All of BTS insisted that You where blindfolded so You couldn't see where you all were going and find out on the way there. You don't put up Much of a fight. It was more whining but you felt like an idiot because the entire time Tae, Jimin and Jungkook where giggling because you looked silly blindfolded and singing to BTS's song Danger that came on the radio. Suga laughed at you fan girling at everyone part. After Danger the song EXO's Wolf came on. You sang along to that as well and Jimin ask in the middle of the song "Destiny who's your bias in EXO?" "Chanyeol!" You blurt out without thinking. "I mean ..." "Ohh you hear that Jungkook she likes rappers!" Jimin says "I'm a rapper too!" Jungkook says defensively "Ya Jimin! Don't start problems!" You whine "What's your bias list in BTS?" Tae ask. "Um it's Kookie, then you (Tae), then Suga, then Jimin Jhope,Jin and Namjoon are all on the same level. I can't choose from there." "Ohh nice list! What about for EXO!?" Tae ask again. "Um it's Chanyeol, Chen, Beakhyun, Sehun, Suho, then the rest are on the same level." It was silent and you can feel the asked in the car. "Well this is just awkward!" Suga says breaking the silence. "Oh look we're here!" Jimin says right after "Can I take off my blindfold?" You ask reaching for it. "No! Not yet!" Jungkook says moving your hand away. Then all of the sudden picking you up out of the car. "Baby how long till we're actually there?" You ask "5 seconds" he says putting you down. You hear more walking from the other members. "You can take of your blind fold." Jungkook says You look all around and can't believe your eyes it's beautiful! Flowers every where and then the members are looking at you and Jungkook and then the next thing surprises you even more. He gets down on his knee and brings out a black box. He opens it and says "Will you marry me ___?" A/N sorry it took me awhile to make part 3. So guys there will be a part 4 up tomorrow let me know if you wanna be tagged. And then Part 1 and 2 are in my collection named "BTS Fan Fiction." Hope you like it guys.
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