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Let me start by saying that I thoroughly enjoyed Asterisk War while watching it. In retrospect, I think I only liked it because there wasn't much else airing last season that I loved. Now that I have ERASED and Prince of Stride to watch, well, I've basically forgotten about Asterisk War.


Youtuber DigiBro decided to pick apart every reason Asterisk War is horrible. And I can totally see his point. There's 7 total videos. I'll link them all - watch what you will!

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4: What Are Cliche Characters? (and why do they suck?)

Part 5

Part 6: How To Screw Up A Sci-fi Setting

Part 7: Building the Worst Protagonist Ever

So. Yeah. This guy really hates Asterisk War XD

I get his point. He's genuinely of the belief that some kinds of LN adaptations & generally crappy generic anime is ruining anime as an art (which I can see), but I don't know if I agree.I mean, I enjoyed watching the show while watching it, even if I was totallllly aware of the boring aspects & didn't love everything. i still enjoyed it, but I'm really not very picky when it comes to choosing shows. Mostly, I was intrigued by the magical aspects, not the actual plot or characters.

What are your guys' thoughts on this series?

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I like it! I like about every anime I watch, It entertained me and i think it was great , thats just my opinion!,
2 years ago·Reply
I might watch it and see if I like it but to me everyone has an opinion to like or not like a anime
2 years ago·Reply
@crimsonsasuke Yeah, I'm not big on caring if it's that original or not if I enjoy it! It might not be my #1 or blow my mind, but usually it at least is enjoyable
2 years ago·Reply
This show was alright. Even though it was generic, I still enjoyed it. I watched this along with Chivalry of a Failed Knight as they were both coming out in the Fall. They both were pretty similar to the point where I got both of the shows mixed up. I personally liked the chivalry one in terms of story but the OP and ED for asterik war were a lot better imo.
2 years ago·Reply
If he hated it so much why did he watch it
2 years ago·Reply