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You watch all the members dancing to Run. You start to sing along "Run, Run,Run!" now the song is stuck in your head. Everytime V sings he looks at you and winks making your heart melt. But when J-Hope raps you just can't help it but support each member. " Awww Hoseok oppa!! your so talented!!" " Taehyung, I love you!!!" " Saranghaeyo!!!" V replies. Now the song is over you jump up happily and run towards Taehyung giving him a hug. he accepts it and then pulls you back and gives a kiss. " Aissh children stop making out " Jin yells. "sorry oppa" you replied. Taehyung grabs your hand " Want to come with us for dinner? we're going to that korean oriental restaurant. You smile and say yes. you let go of V's hand and run inside to grab your jacket. its just you alone in the practice room and in a corner you see Hobi drawing a face with a pair of sparkling eyes. " Who is that supposed to be Hobi?" J-Hope covers the drawing and hides it from you. " Ahhh its nothing dont worry about". Before you can respond he gets up and pushes you out the door, closing the door behind him. He guides you to the car door. " Ummm Hobi there is only 7 seats Im not gonna fit Im to big." Hobi looks at you in disgust and he touches your shoulders. " Never call yourself to big or ugly or dumb, you're skinny, you're intelligent, you're beautiful. you are perfect in my eyes." You were trying to hold back the tears so you just hug Hobi tightly. V yells at you guys to hurry up. you run to him and he holds you in his lap while V sits behind you and Taehyung. Taehyung nuzzles his head on your neck trying to give you a hickey. you softly push away. " Not now Taehyung later." Taehyung gets mad and pinches your leg. you try not to scream, V whispers in your ear " Let me kiss your neck then I will stop" So he starts to kiss your neck again. When all of you guys arrive you hold onto V's hand as you walk into the restaurant. You and the rest of the BTS members sit at a table while Namjoon orders. "So, (Y/N), How long have you and V hyung been together?" Jungkookie asks. You respond with" A year". Soon Namjoon comes back with the food and every one starts eating but Hoseok. " Why aren't you eating oppa?" "I'm not hungry" Hoseok responds depressingly. When every one is finished you, Taehyung, Hoseok and Jimin go for a walk around the park While Namjoon, Yoongi, Jin and Jungkook stay to look around. " Isn't it beautiful outside?" you ask. " Not as beautiful as you" Taehyung responds looking at you in the eyes smiling. You laugh so hard you gently push V. " Your to cheesy".
This was I was supposed to post but it got erased at first and I had to retype it but I found the real one and tell me which one you like better the real version or the other version...
I felt like you just add more but I like this one hehe tag me plz
Me too and thank you @SindyHernandez
I like them both πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’– please tag me in the rest of the chapters/parts I really like this story