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So I discovered these things about 2 years ago when I visited Korea.
I can tell myself that I only bought these things because I was supporting JYJ who were spokespersons at the time for TonyMoly, but come on!
This is their pocket bunny spray. There's a shimmer one and one for mattifying.
They also have egg pore masks. Look at the freakin' packaging.
Here are the hand creams and lip balms. Yes, they are scented.
They have a variety of face masks. I have only tried the aloe one. They are pretty nice, but a little on the expensive side ($5-$8 each). Even Taeyang uses face masks, although I don't know which brand he uses. Daesung uses something too which you can see in the Rainy Rainy MV or his concert on dvd or blu.
They also have cute little "gloss bars" and Princess fruit glosses.
There is also a banana hand milk. The top comes off and it's like a squeeze bottle.
Here's also some cute stuff from The Face Shop. The "spatula" in the lip balm looks like a mini honey stick. The hand creams smell absolutely delicious.
@kpopandkimchi started this all with those cute animal face masks!! You can get the TonyMoly stuff at Sephora, Urban Outfitters, and Ulta. You can probably get The Face Shop stuff online or if you have one near you like me. I will literally buy anything if it's in a cute container.
@sabrinasakura My sis said Urban Outfitters. They give the tiniest amt of color. Also Amazon.
do you know were I can buy the gloss bar's?